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All About Us

Janus Learning was established in 2015 by Susie McGraw and Jacqui Moulton who have managed an Alternative Curriculum provision

 since 2010.  With combined experience in life coaching, residential children's care, working with young people in a heritage setting, youth work, lecturing and education; the company offers bespoke, holistic and effective learning opportunities for all.  Janus Learning has three main areas of focused work:

  • education for young people who do not thrive in mainstream school
  • heritage services including training for museum staff and volunteers and producing resources for young people in museums
  • adult training via distance learning and on-site specialising in working with young people, employability and education qualifications



Why Janus?

Janus is the Roman God of transitions and new beginnings.  He is depicted as having two faces, one looking to the past and the other to the future.  He was used to represent the opening of new doors and opportunities, the transition from childhood to adulthood and the closing of times of conflict to open a time of peace.  He is the namesake of the month January: the beginning of a new year.

We see our students' time with us as an opportunity for a new beginning, to put behind them their negative learning experiences and to open new pathways to success.

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