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Heritage and Education Training Sessions

We offer training for volunteers and staff from heritage sites across the country, focusing on young people and education in museums.  We are happy to  adapt our standard training sessions to meet the needs of individual projects and hertage sites.




Level 2 safeguarding awareness training suitable for those working or volunteering with children regularly.  Covers signs of abuse, what to do if abuse is suspected or a disclosure made, what should be in policies and procedures and how to deal with allegations against staff or volunteers while putting these points in to a relevant heritage setting context.


The Curriculum 

Understanding the National Curriculum and how to demonstrate how your museum can help teachers to fulfil it.  Focusing on core subjects and initiatives including the British Values, Citizenship and Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths plus some jargon busting.


Building and Showcasing Partnerships Beyond a One-Day Visit

Ideas for placing students, interns and volunteers across the education sector for mutually beneficial outcomes.  Practical advice for those looking to build on or create partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and alternative providers.


Recognising and Accrediting Volunteers and Staff 

Introducing the new Heritage Skills qualification which can be tailored to suit your setting to include a menu of modules such as customer service, leading craft activities, conservation and pest control.  Suitable for volunteers and staff to formalise their working practices and accredit their skills.


Motivating Young People

Focusing on communication and encouraging meaningful engagement with young people, particularly teens and hard to reach audiences.  





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