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Alternative Curriculum

Our philosophy:

  • we consider personal development to be as important as qualifications to enable students to succeed
  • we encourage our students to strive towards meaningful goals and develop their self-esteem and confidence
  • we support students to develop the resilience to positively overcome the problems they encounter both in and out of their educational settings
  • we encourage our students to develop their own personality and to discover their own individual paths towards adulthood

Our provision's main strengths lie in:

  • encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods
  • creating a nurturing and supportive environment
  • developing constructive relationships with schools and other agencies
  • employing a diverse team of tutors with a wide variety of skills and experiences
  • working in small groups or 1:1 to maximise the positive learning experience for each student
  • developing partnershps with neighbouring businesses, charities and facilities to offer work experience and extra-curricular opportunities

What our students say about Janus...

"The adults really listen to you and are understanding and not judgemental" - Tia


"When I first came here I was a little s**t, now I am a good person with qualifications and you have done that" - Jack


"They push you further even when you think you can't do it and then you get a sense of pride from getting your qualifications done" - Rhianna


"I've had some brilliant experiences like canoeing and visiting different museums and doing forest school" - Shaun


"I was skiving school all the time.  I hated school and most people but now I like coming here" - Emily


"I'm really proud of finishing my maths and English qualifications which I don't think I could have done anywhere else" - Chloe


"You have lots of choices to pick from which suited me better and you can go out to do more practical work in different places" - Jordan


"I have met some amazing people who have helped me blossom.  Janus taught me I can do anything if I put my mind to it" - Shannon


"Janus helped me through some very hard times.  They made me realise that even when it feels like the world is a terrible place there is always potential and good things too" - Courteney


"It's like a second family, everyone is friends" - Ryan


"People understand me better here" - Matt


"Janus has given me so much support and I'm leaving with more qualifications than I ever thought I'd get" - Chelsea

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