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Information for Families and Carers:

The young people we work with may have been placed with us for a wide variety of reasons.  They may display disruptive behaviour in main stream school; may have missed lots of school through illness or home circumstances; suffered from bullying; truanted from school or may be struggling with mainstream subjects but wanting to gain alternative qualifications.  The most positive thing about being placed with us is that each young person has the opportunity to have a fresh start with no pre-judgement based on their previous behaviour in their school.  Here they can be just them, eager to learn and to achieve their goals without feeling they have to maintain the reputation they might have built for themselves.  Ultimately we aim for our young people to re-engage with mainstream education, to achieve GCSE equivalent qualifications and to develop their own confidence and personal skills to enable them to continue achieving after their placement has ended.   


Each young person has an Individual Placement Plan which lists their personal details, key contact at school, current attainment level, areas of strength and identified areas of need and space to review progress.  We work very closely with our students’ schools to plan the best possible provision for each individual.


All students are provided with a light lunch and drinks.  Some money may be brought for "tuck".  We often use satelite classrooms in the area, and facilities such as leaisure centres and country parks.  Some students also take part in supported work experience placements in a wide variety of local businesses.


We hold an open day twice per year which all parents/carers are invited to attend.  This is a chance to see some of the work produced by our students and to meet our team.  We are always happy for you to contact us at time however if you have any worries, would like to let us know about a change in the student's circumstances or would like to know more about what they are doing with us.



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