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Key Stage 3

Whether our KS3 students are with us to compliment their school timetable or are on full time alternative provision, we will work closely with other agencies to ensure their core subjects are accessed and that their gaps in knowledge are kept to a minimum to aid re-engagment into mainstream school where appropriate.  We use the National Curriculum and vocational qualifications to deliver the core subjects of maths, English and science and other subjects appropriate to their year group.  The three core subjects are strengthened by completing Awards at Entry Level from Open College Network West Midlands.  With support staff available and working 1:1 we are able to address specific barriers to accessing mainstream school including stress and anger management, self-harm, smoking cessation and risk-taking.  We use the National Forest to offer enrichment and a practical element to the day.  We are flexible to meet the individual needs of our students and are happy to create bespoke proposals for placements on request. 


For example:

Student A is in mainstream school for 2 half days and 1 full day per week, during which time they access maths, English and design lessons.  They are with Janus Learning for 2 half days and 1 full day where they focus on PHSE and addressing the behaviours which cause them problems at school as well as studying science parallel to the topics their school year are taking, humanities and PE.  They are also able to revisit elements of their maths and English work using their school's virtual classroom system with their tutor, increasing their confidence in their understanding and reducing their anxiety in the mainstream classroom. 


Student B is excluded from school and is with Janus Learning for 3 days per week and another provider for two days.  They are studying maths, English and science in accordance with the National Curriculum topics appropriate for their year group and in-line with their school's planning.  They are also completing project work which incorporates humanities, ICT, PE and PHSE.  They are working with support staff to address specific barriers to engaging and improving their socialisation through supported group activities with a view to reaccess mainstream school after a period of respite. 


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