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Accredited Courses for Specialist User Groups

Do you have a regular group of adults with learning difficulties using your museum?  Do you want to make stronger links with local secondary schools?  Do you want to encourage young parents to see you as a useful community facility?  Are you looking at grant funding to improve your community access or learning offer? 


Whatever the specialist user group might be, there are lots of benefits to being able to offer them accredited qualifications either to compliment their current on-going activity or as a new project.


It can be costly to become an accredited centre able to offer recognised qualifications, not to mention the administration and quality assurance processes, but by working with Janus Learning even the smallest heritage setting could provide high quality and meaningful courses for one person or 100 people keeping costs and risks to a minimum.


Is it for you and what could you offer?

One of the great things about administering qualifications in this way is being able to pilot your learning opportunities without the risk of a substantial initial investment, trying it and finding it's not for you.  The range of potential offers is huge, and we are keen to work with you to maximise your ability to increase sustainability and community engagement. 

Opportunities for learning could be:

  • a work experience placement every Friday afternoon for one 14 year old boy who is struggling at a local secondary school, working with your gardener, curator etc.
  • a group of adults with learning difficulties who volunteer at the site every Wednesday to gain a qualification recognising their work and achievements
  • a young parent group recruited to use your collections to create a storybag project while gaining a vocational qualification in working with young children
  • a volunteer who is actively looking for work gaining an employability qualification evidencing the skills they have used while volunteering


How it works

1 - Janus Learning work with your team to produce a scheme of work and workbook using the unique learning opportunities of your site

2 - Training and support can be offered to suit your team before delivery and/or throughout the process

3 - The learning is delivered using the planning and workbooks created over an agreed amount of time

4 - Janus Learning assess the portfolios and provide your team and learners with feedback

5 - Certification for the qualification is administered by Janus Learning through Open College Network WM


What costs are involved?

We have a transparent pricing structure meaning you only pay for the services you need regardless of the number of students you enrol.  We are passionate about the potential heritage settings have for providing great learning opportunities, and are keen to make this possible without being cost prohibitive. 



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